Bitzone24 Latest News

Congratulation to All Dear Partners!

We are excited to celebrate the first 100 days milestone with you our investors and partners.
We have been blessed with your wonderful support.

The first 100 days has been an introduction of the Bitone24 fruitful investment program world-wide and formed the foundation of our investors communities in most of the countries all over the world.

The entire Bitzone24 team, from the top management to all the departments are overwhelmed with tremendous amount of positive feedbacks that we are receiving from the investors who visited the headquarter office and from the encouraging emails and online support messages.

We are delighted to see our numerous enthusiast investors who have courage to take their investment experience to another level by building their network. We are willing to enhance the quality of service to all our investors by offering new marketing and representative program in addition to our investment program.

You as the valuable partners of Bitzone24 along with the company are determined to take another firm step to financial freedom.

God Bless you all.
Bitzone24 strives to provide a reliable investment program while maintains the security and ease of use. In order to enhance the transparency, a new section is added at the bottom of home page to display the live flow of transactions including deposits and withdrawals in real time. The history of deposits and withdrawals is accessible in full statistics section.

Bitzone24 ultimate goal is to enhance the availability of the fruitful investment opportunity to wider range of clients worldwide by retaining the minimum investment amount as low as possible, however, due to the recent market appreciation, in order to maintain the Feasibility and performance of the system, it is necessary to revise the minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal.

Thus, the minimum deposits amount will be 10 USD and minimum withdrawal amount will be 3 USD from June 28th at 2pm London (GMT+1). After 15 days (July 13th), minimum withdrawal amount will increase to 10 USD as well.

Wish you all a joyful investment journey!
We are pleased to sincerely wish all our Muslim investors a blissful Eid al-Fitr!
We hope the holy month has been the blessings for the entire humanity that we can walk on the path of peace and harmony.
We are pleased to announce our remarkable investment program. Bitzone24 Ltd. is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading company who offer a reliable investment platform.
You as an investor can start your investment as low as 2.00 USD with no investment expertise required.
You are able to built your community and earn 5% commission for every new investor you bring to your circle.

Start your investment journey by visiting and enjoy the simple and efficient investment management platform.

Follow up on twitter, reach our online support specialists and drop us an email for more information. Share this opportunity within your community to built your future.